National Nanotechnology Day

Event Date

National Nanotechnology Day is an annual celebration featuring a series of community-led events and activities on or around October 9 to help raise awareness of nanotechnology, how it is currently used in products that enrich our daily lives, and the challenges and opportunities it holds for the future. This date, 10/9, pays homage to the nanometer scale, 10–9 meters.

Whether at home or outside, there are so many ways to explore advances in nanotechnology and how it is impacting our everyday lives!

Here are a few suggested activities that you can try this year:

Credit: (Left to right): Gabriella Tosado, Women in Chemical Engineering; Daniella Duran, UCLA California Nanosystems Institute; Mary Carmen Reid (UC Berkeley) and Lukas Hackl (UC Berkeley/LBNL) 

  • Host image, video, or illustration contests related to nanotechnology.
  • Organize lab tours and open houses. 
  • Coordinate outreach events with demonstrations about nanotechnology. Check out some resources here.
  • Create and share an image, video, illustration, or infographic about nanotechnology: what it is, why it is important, and examples of nanotechnology applications.
  • Host a Science Café or an informal discussion on nanotechnology. If you are a K–12 student or teacher, you could invite a scientist from a local college or university.   

Try these fun activities at home: 

Credit: (Left to right): Tirzah Abbott, Northwestern University Atomic and Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center; Mariel Kolker; Kossi Loic M. Avegno, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Information about Previous National Nanotechnology Days: 

If you have questions about National Nanotechnology Day, please feel free to contact the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office at: