Events & Initiatives

nncoAt the heart of the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) is nanotechnology research and development across the entire continuum, from basic research that fuels new discoveries through application-driven advanced research and development that leads to new products in the market. While individual agencies direct and support specific funding programs in pursuit of their respective missions, the strength of the NNI stems from the connections and collaborations that bring these efforts together and build out the entire ecosystem.

The NNI coordinates and manages meetings, webinars, and other events on a wide range of topics from basic research to exploring the potential environmental, health and safety risks of nanotechnology. Experts from industry, academia, and the Federal government, as well as the general public, take part in these events to probe the state of the science in nanotechnology research and to identify gaps and emerging trends in nanotechnology-related research. Also, everyone can participate National Nanotechnology Day, an annual event featuring community-led events and activities held on or around October 9 (in honor of the nanoscale, 10-9) to help raise awareness of nanotechnology.