Presentation Slides and Plenary Videos from the Economic Impact Symposium

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Welcoming Addresses, Alan I. Leshner, Thomas Kalil, and Ken Guy – video

Session 1: Setting the Scene

Moderator: Richard Johnson – video

  • The OECD, WPN and the Assessment of the Economic Impact of Nanotechnology, Françoise Roure – slides video
  • Economic Rationales and Strategies for an Advanced Manufacturing Sector, Gregory Tassey– slides video
  • Challenges for Governments in Evaluating Return on Investment from Nanotechnology and its Broader Economic Impact – Overview of Background Paper 1, Mark Morrison – slides video
  • Government Panel Discussion – video

Moderator: Françoise Roure

  • Brazil, Adalberto Fazzio – slides
  • European Union, Herbert von Bose
  • India, G. V. Ramaraju – slides
  • Japan, Naoya Kaneko – slides
  • South Africa, Joseph Molapisi – slides
  • United States, Altaf Carim – slides

Session 2: Exploring the Qualitative Dimensions of the Economic Impact of Nanotechnology

Moderator: Steffi Friedrichs – slides video

  • Finance and Investor Models in Nanotechnology – Overview of Background Paper 2, Pekka Koponen – slides video
  • Economic Contributions of Nanotechnology to Green and Sustainable Growth – Overview of Background Paper 3, Philip Shapira – slides video
  • Discussion  – video

Parallel Breakout Sessions

  • Transportation & Aerospace
    • Nanotechnology Impact: Driving the Materials Revolution, Travis Earles – slides
    • Tires and Nano Materials, Francis Peters – slides
  • Nanomedicine
    • Changing the Way We Treat Cancer with CYT-6091 (Aurimune®): A Model Cancer Nanomedicine, Lawrence Tamarkin – slides
    • Nanotechnology for Medical Devices: Challenges, Changes and Risks, Joerg Vienken – slides
  • Electronics
    • Measuring Economic Impact of Nanotechnology in Electronics – The New York State Investment Strategy, Ji Ung Lee – slides
    • The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Jose Rivas – slides
  • Energy
    • Quantum Dots: Assessing the Impact within Lighting and Displays, Seth Coe-Sullivan – slides
    • Nanotechnology in the Energy Sector, Hilary Flynn – slides
  • Advanced Materials
    • The Economic Impact of NanoCellulose, Reinhold Crotogino – slides
    • Economic Impact of Nanomaterials – CNT, Peter Krueger – slides
  • Food & Food Packaging
    • Overview of Embrapa, Victor Bertucci Neto – slides
    • Potential Economic Impacts of Agri-Nanotechnology, Kalpana Sastry – slides

Report Back and Synthesis Conversation

Moderator: Ken Guy – video


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Nanotechnology Research Directions for Societal Needs in 2020, Mihail Roco slides video

Session 3: Nanotechnology, Economics, and Regulations

Moderator: Lynn Bergeson – video

  • International Standards Supporting Nanotechnology Development, Ajit Jillavenkatesa – slides video
  • Socio-economic Dynamics of Innovation and Uptake, Douglas Robinson – slides video
  • The Hare and the Tortoise: Nanotechnologies and the Race for Regulatory Certainty, Diana Bowman – slides video
  • Discussion – video

Session 4: Science of Science and Innovation Policies Applied to Nanotechnology

Moderator: Charles Wessner – video

  • Redesigning Science & Innovation System and Nanotechnology, Tateo Arimoto – slides video
  • The Lattes Platform in the Brazilian ST&I System, Esper Cavalheiro slides video
  • Putting the Science in Science Measurement: The Case of Nanotechnology, Julia Lane – slides video
  • Discussion – video

Session 5: Approaches (New and Established) to Assess the Effects of Technology Investment

Moderator: Stephen Campbell

  • A Conceptual and Methodological Framework for Statistics on Nanotechnology and other Technological Areas, Leonid Gokhberg – slides video
  • Tools for Assessing the Value of Nanotechnology – Overview of Background Paper 4, Ben Walsh – slides video
  • Discussion and Introduction to Parallel Breakout Sessionsslides video

Session 6: Exploring the Quantitative Dimension of the Economic Impact of Nanotechnology

Parallel Breakout Sessions

  • Transportation & Aerospace
    • Commercialization of Nanomaterials, Lance Criscuolo – slides
    • The VC Number, Vincent Caprio – slides
  • Nanomedicine
    • Presentation on Measuring the Economic Impact of R&D Investments, Richard Clinch – slides
    • Exploring the Quantitative Dimensions of the Economic Impact of Nanomedicine, Bertrand Loubaton – slides
  • Electronics
    • Economic Impact of Nanotechnology: Case Study on LED Lights, Chang-Woo Kim – slides
    • Economic Impact of Nanotechnology in Electronics: (Semi) Quantitative Assessments, Celia Merzbacher – slides
  • Energy
    • Foresight of Nanoindustry Economic Impact: The Case of Russia, Oleg Karasev – slides
  • Advanced Materials
    • Economic Analysis in Regulation Development at EPA, Kristen Loughery – slides
    • CCR – A Leadership Organization Improving Chemical Innovation Through Collaboration and Advocacy, Seth Snyder – slides
  • Food & Food Packaging
    • Exploring Quantitative Dimensions of the Economic Impact of Nanotechnology: Food & Food Packaging Lynn Bergeson – slides
    • Exploring Quantitative Dimensions of the Economic Impact of Nanotechnology: Food & Food Packaging, Rosalie Ruegg – slides

Session 7: What We Learned

Moderator: Stephen Campbell

  • Report Back and Synthesis Conversation – video
  • Concluding Remarks and Next Steps, Ken Guy and Sally Tinkle – video


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