Federal Communities of Interest

NNI communities of interest provide a dynamic mechanism to support and build interagency engagements in priority areas. These interest groups foster discussion, stakeholder engagement, and the development of activities focused on specific nanotechnology topics. The interest groups build on lessons learned from the previous Nanotechnology Signature Initiative (NSI) activities and provide a flexible mechanism for the interagency community to rapidly establish and/or retire efforts.

Current interest groups are listed below:

Water nanotechnologies interest group
This interest group (formerly the Water Sustainability through Nanotechnology NSI) addresses the pressing technical challenges related to water quality and quantity, including increasing water availability, improving the efficiency of water delivery and use, and enabling next-generation water monitoring systems.

Nanosensors interest group
The nanosensors interest group (formerly the Nanotechnology for Sensors and Sensors for Nanotechnology NSI) focuses on the development of nanotechnology-enabled sensors for a variety of applications, including human health, food and agriculture, and water.

Nanoplastics interest group
This interest group leverages the broad capabilities, expertise, and converging missions of Federal agencies to understand the implications of incidental nanoscale plastic particles. Building on nanoEHS knowledge and tools, the nanoplastics interest group seeks to advance the science and technical capabilities to understand and address this emerging concern.

NanoEHS databases/informatics interest group (DIIG)
Growing out of conversations in the NEHI Working Group, DIIG focuses on understanding agency needs and priorities for nanoEHS data, including preserving it, curating it, and making it available in interoperable formats.