NSI: Nanotechnology for Sensors and Sensors for Nanotechnology – Improving and Protecting Health, Safety, and the Environment


Nanotechnology-enabled sensors are providing new solutions in physical, chemical, and biological sensing that enable increased detection sensitivity, specificity, multiplexing capability, and portability for a wide variety of health, safety, and environmental assessments. The Sensors NSI addresses both the opportunity of using nanotechnology to advance sensor development and the challenges of developing sensors to keep pace with the increasingly widespread use of engineered nanomaterials.

NNI agencies participating in the Sensors NSI coordinate efforts and stimulate existing and emerging projects to explore the use of nanotechnology for the development and commercialization of nanosensors. An important priority is to engage with stakeholders to identify barriers they might face in the development and commercialization of nanosensors. The Sensors NSI serves as a focal point for relevant stakeholder communities and the public to address opportunities and barriers through town hall discussions and community meetings. Common themes continue to be identified through these inputs and interactions. For example, the needs for improved stakeholder awareness, communication, and collaboration at the convergence of testing and operational standards, and for access to test and fabrication facilities, have been particularly highlighted in the stakeholder interaction activities of the Sensors NSI.


Participating Agencies: