NNCO Public Webinars

The National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO) holds webinars periodically to share information with the general public and the nanotechnology research and development community. Topics covered may include announcements of new National Nanotechnology Initiative activities, discussions of technical subjects, introductions to resources available for specific areas such as education or sensors development, or other areas of potential interest to the nanotechnology community.

Nanotechnology Entrepreneurship Webinarsentrepreneurship

Technical Webinars

(1) Environmental, Health, and Safety Implications of Nanomaterials (NanoEHS)nanosensors

(2) Sensors

  • Nanosensors for Food and Agriculture, June 2, 2021, Video with Closed Captioning
  • Advances in self-powered wearable sensors: A biofuel-powered electronic skin, June 24, 2020, Slides and Transcript
  • Nanotechnology for a New Generation of Gas Sensors: An Industrial Perspective on Fundamental, Applied, and Commercialization Aspects, October 2, 2019, Slides and Transcript
  • A Regulatory Case Study for the Development of Nanosensors, November 3, 2015 - Slides and Transcript
  • Federal Resources for the Development of Nanosensors, June 25, 2015 - Slides and Transcript

(3) Water Sustainability

(4) Nanotechnology Knowledge Infrastructure

Teaching Nano & Emerging Technologies Webinarseducation


During the question-and-answer segment of the webinars, submitted questions will be considered in the order received and may be posted on the NNI website. A moderator will identify relevant questions and pose them to the speaker(s). Due to time constraints, not all questions may be addressed during the webinar. The moderator reserves the right to group similar questions and to skip questions, as appropriate.