DARPA: Personalized Protective Biosystem (PPB) [541714]

The Personalized Protective Biosystem (PPB) program will develop an integrated system that simultaneously reduces protective equipment needs while increasing protection for the individual against existing and future chemical and biological (CB) threats. The capability to provide unburdened CB protection will maximize time on target for the warfighter and the stability operator, provide operational flexibility, extend mission duration, and enable military operations in austere environments regardless of the threat. PPB will consist of lightweight materials that protect the warfighter from exposure to any CB threat while simultaneously providing a second layer of protection, at the tissue barrier, with bio-molecular, commensal organisms, or other technologies that protect the skin, eyes, and airway from CB threats. PPB will improve mission execution by solving the current (“state of the art”) protective equipment limitations including threat-specific vulnerabilities, thermal/logistical burdens, exposure risks during equipment removal/decontamination, and on-demand availability during unexpected threat situations.

For more information, visit: https://beta.sam.gov/opp/e0c727c98d564dc5ae48c9a099af9c34/view?index=opp&naics=51,54&page=3&psc=A,B,C,D