Lighter, Cheaper, Safer, Stronger: Nanotechnology-Enabled Materials

picture of car fueling up at gas pump


How will nanotechnology-enabled materials save you money?

Researchers are using nanotechnology to make things lighter and stronger. As a result, cars, trucks, airplanes, boats, and spacecraft will work as well as or even better than they do now and weigh less. This weight reduction could turn into savings for you on airline tickets, at the gas pump, and even on the goods you buy that are transported across the country.











How will nanotechnology-enabled materials protect you?

Nanotechnology-enabled materials will protect you by protecting the objects you use. Scientists are developing coatings for everything from steel bridges to circuit boards. These new coatings are harder and longer-lasting than traditional materials. Researchers are also using nanotechnology to make chemicals that are safer for the environment, resulting in products that are safer for you and your children.
picture of steel bridge








picture of highway


How will nanotechnology-enabled materials make your life easier?

By making materials lighter, cheaper, safer, and stronger, nanotechnology research supported through the National Nanotechnology Initiative will make your life easier. Scientists are working to make everything from electronics to roads to the car you drive better. You will see these improvements in terms of cost, product lifetime, fuel efficiency, and environmental impact.







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