A Real Time Water Sensor

Description: "We are working on the real time detection of water contaminants, including heavy metal ions and bacteria, etc. It can be used for the early warning of water pollution, water quality assessment, and continuous monitoring, which will eventually help to protect public health. It is realized as an electronic sensor, which employs the advanced thin layer nanomaterial and takes advantage of its electrical properties. We are making efforts to enable the sensor to monitor the quality of different kinds of water sources, nature water, drinking water, and more. Not only working in the lab, in the near future we hope it could be commercialized and thus maximize its benefits in the field of human health protection." 


University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Nanotechnology for Sustainable Technology and Environment http://www4.uwm.edu/nsee/

Funded by US National Science Foundation Industrial Innovation and Partnerships under grant number IIP-0968887 and IIP-1128158