What Are YOU Doing for National Nanotechnology Day?

National Nanotechnology Day is an annual event featuring a series of community-led events and activities on or around October 9th to help raise awareness of nanotechnology, how it is currently used in products that enrich our daily lives, and the challenges and opportunities it holds for the future. This date, 10/9, pays homage to the nanometer scale, 10-9 meters.
Now in its second year, planning for various events and activities is underway at schools, labs, and organizations around the country! 
In addition, the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office is promoting the following activities:

What are you planning for National Nano Day 2017? 
*See a list of planned activities for 2017 *

*Click here to see the 2017 activities map*

Here are some suggestions:

  • Lab tours and open houses 
  • Outreach events with demonstrations
  • Host your own nano-related image, video, or illustration contests
  • Science cafes and seminars
  • Organize a group running of the 100 Billion Nanometer Dash
  • Dedicated National Nano Day webpages
  • NND-inspired webpages with your favorite nanotechnology resources


                                                        #NationalNanoDay is on October 9th!

NND collage 2017 with running students, nano nugget shot and certificate