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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 04/22/2013 - 00:11
Archive of news stories highlighted on's homepage.
What do medieval stained glass windows and the 17th century Sword of Damascus have in common? Nanotechnology!
This discovery could hold clues to the development of life on Earth.
Search our database for hundreds of the NNI's greatest accomplishments in nanotechnology.
The NASA spacecraft, Juno, has nanotechnology-enabled shielding to prevent build up of electrostatic charge on key engine components. The protective shields are made of sheets of carbon nanotubes manufactured by Nanocomp Technologies, Inc.
Whether you are new to nanotechnology or looking for a refresher course, this page will help round out your knowledge of the fundamentals of nanotechnology.
Browse the NNI's easy-to-search online library.
The NNI has released four reports that are the result of the "nanoEHS" workshop series, part of an ongoing strategy to coordinate nanotechnology-related EHS research.
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NNI member agencies have made great strides in nanomanufacturing, which aligns with the Administration's goal to pursue emerging technologies that will create high quality manufacturing jobs and enhance our global competitiveness.
New applications are delivering on the promise of nanotechnology to benefit society.