NNI in the News

This map features all the facilities in the U.S., including higher education programs, NNI centers and user facilities (labs), and regional, state, & local initiatives. Find out what's in you area!
Fortune magazine reports: It's a better conductor. It's transparent. It's lightweight. It's strong. It's flexible and elastic. Can it change the electronics business?
Imagine that instead of switching on a lamp when it gets dark, you could read by the light of a glowing plant on your desk.
NREL researchers made 'black silicon'-- nano-islands of silver on a silicon wafer with billions of holes-- that reduces light reflection allowing for greater energy capture.
This is the latest in a series of ingestable computers that tracks how patients take prescribed medications.
picture of water drop
In honor of World Water Day, Nano.gov is releasing new podcasts and Nano Nuggets on nanotechnology’s role in providing clean water.
Researchers at Argonne National Lab used a hard x-ray nanoprobe to examine Pablo Picasso paintings, revealing that the famous artist used common house paint for his work!
The material comprises long, randomly entangled polymer chains containing silicon, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon atoms mixed with an iron salt.
An archived version of the webinar to launch the EHS Research Strategy is now available on Nano.gov. NNI experts highlighted new elements and took questions from the public on this key strategy document.