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Nanotechnology plays an important role in removing toxic chemicals found in the soil.
As a part of the White House Water Summit and World Water Day, NNI agencies launched a Nanotechnology Signature Initiative (NSI), Water Sustainability through Nanotechnology: Nanoscale Solutions for a Global-Scale Challenge.
MIT researchers created anoparticles that come in a range of customizable colors, can be embedded invisibly just about anywhere, and can be authenticated using nothing more than an accessorized smartphone.
Japan's annual "nano tech" is the world's largest nanotechnology exhibition, hosting more than 50,000 attendees last year.
Simulation of octobot, a clear gel, plastic spider with visible lights inside
The researchers created a new elastomeric material containing fumed silica nanoparticles that exhibits thixotropic behavior.
For the last 20 years, scientists have tried to design large DNA crystals with precisely prescribed depth and complex features—a design quest just fulfilled by a team at Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.
Researchers dug tiny tunnels into graphite samples and created nanoporous graphite for potential use in medical applications and battery technology.
Chemists at Tufts University in Boston, Mass. are submitting their work to Guinness World Records after creating the world's smallest motor, composed of a single molecule and measuring just one nanometer across.
DNA illustration
U.S. researchers report that they’ve come up with a new way to encode digital data in DNA to create the highest-density large-scale data storage scheme ever invented.
This product is expected to have a lower price point than current LEDs.