Climate Change National Nanotechnology Challenge

climateThe National Nanotechnology Challenges aim to mobilize the nanotechnology community to help address global issues.


Enduring climate change solutions will require multi-faceted approaches that increase understanding of the science, advance useful technologies, and help society prepare for predicted climate change impacts. The breadth and versatility of nanotechnology enables a unique opportunity to combat climate change on all fronts.  Nano4EARTH recognizes the role nanotechnology will and already plays in: Evaluating, monitoring, and detecting climate change status and trends; Averting future greenhouse gas emissions; Removing mailing listexisting greenhouse gases; Training and educating a highly skilled workforce to harness nanotechnology solutions; and developing Higher resilience to—and mitigation of—climate change-induced pressures for improved societal/economic resilience.

Programs and resources

List of selected programs from NNI participating agencies that may support climate mitigation

Nano4EARTH Kick-off Workshop

Click here for information about the Nano4EARTH Kick-off hybrid workshop, to be held in Washington, DC and online on Jan. 24–25, 2023.

Nano4EARTH Roundtable Discussions

The Nano4EARTH roundtable discussions aim to identify fundamental knowledge gaps, needs, and opportunities to advance current energy efficiency, sustainable development, and climate change goals. By convening stakeholders from different sectors, backgrounds, and expertise, the goals of these roundtables are to identify applicable lessons across the spectrum of technologies, discuss system-specific needs, scalability and commercialization challenges, and potential paths forward.

The topics of the roundtables were identified at the Nano4EARTH Kick-off Workshop as particularly promising areas that could have an impact in a short time frame (four years or less). 


Coatings, Lubricants, Membranes, and Other Interface Technologies

Batteries and Energy Storage

Capture, Storage, and Use of Greenhouse Gases


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