NNI R&D Centers and Networks

A significant impact of the NNI has been the focused investment in establishment and development of multidisciplinary research and education centers devoted to nanoscience and nanotechnology.

NNI R&D User Facilities

The NNI supports a network of user facilities that are open to researchers and provide the high-tech tools and equipment needed to study and develop nanotechnologies.

Tech Transfer and Commercialization

A major goal for the NNI is to assist in commercialization efforts in the nanotechnology field.

Diversity Programs

The Federal Government has developed a wide variety of business resources to assist women, minorities, veterans, disabled persons, and other underserved or underutilized groups.

U.S. Interactive Nanotechnology Resource Map

This interactive map shows the currently funded NNI Centers and User Facilities, as well as the nation's higher education nanotechnology degrees-- from community college through PhD programs.