Abbreviations and Acronyms for PCAs and Agencies

Program Component Area 

EHSEnvironment, Health, and Safety (from 2006 to present)
EDUSDEducation and Societal Dimensions (from 2006 to 2012)
FCGCFuture Computing Grand Challenge (from 2016 to present)
FNDRSCHFoundational Research (from 2013 to present)
FNPPFundamental Nanoscale Phenomena and Processes (from 2006 to 2012)
IRMSInstrumentation Research, Metrology, and Standards (from 2006 to 2012)
NAPPDEVSYS  Nanotechnology-Enabled Applications, Devices, and Systems (from 2013 to present)
NMFGNanomanufacturing (from 2006 to 2012)
NMATLNanomaterials (from 2006 to 2012)
NDEVSYSNanoscale Devices and Systems (from 2006 to 2012)
NSI-NELECNSI on Nanoelectronics for 2020 and Beyond (from 2013 to present)
NSI-NKINSI on Nanotechnology Knowledge Infrastructure (from 2013 to 2019)
NSI-SOLARNSI on Solar Energy Collection and Conversion (from 2013 to 2015)
NSI-MFGNSI on Sustainable Nanomanufacturing (from 2013 to present)
NSI-SENSORSNSI on Nanotechnology for Sensors and Sensors for Nanotechnology (from 2013 to present)
NSI-TOTALNanotechnology Signature Initiatives (NSIs total, from 2013 to present)
NSI-WATERNSI on Water Sustainability through Nanotechnology (from 2016 to present)
MRFIAMajor Research Facilities and Instrument Acquisition (from 2006 to 2012)
RSCHINFResearch Infrastructure and Instrumentation (from 2013 to present)



CPSCConsumer Product Safety Commission
HHS/FDADepartment of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration
HHS/NIHDepartment of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health
HHS/NIOSH Department of Health and Human Services, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
DHSDepartment of Homeland Security
DOCDepartment of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology
DODDepartment of Defense
DOEDepartment of Energy
DOJDepartment of Justice
DOTDepartment of Transportation
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Adminstration
NSFNational Science Foundation
USDA/FSUS Department of Agriculture, Forest Service
USDA/NIFA US Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture (*formerly CSREES)
DOI/USGSDepartment of Interior, US Geological Survey 
USDA/ARSUS Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service
DOT/FHWADepartment of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration
HHS/NCEHDepartment of Health and Human Services, National Center for Environmental Health
DOI/USBRDepartment of Interior, US Bureau of Reclamation
DOI/BSEEDepartment of Interior, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement