Poster Session

Undergraduate Students

(U1) Effects of Differing Storage Conditions on Bacterial Extracellular Vesicles
Bolinger, Medlin, Kirian, and Zierden
University of Maryland, College Park

(U2) Bio-inspired Surfaces: Fabrication of Shark Skin Using Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD)
Caruso, L.J., Qu, C.
The George Washington University

(U3) A review of the CAR-T cell designs and nanotechnology for efficacy in cancer therapy.
Elizaveta Ulumbelashvili, ZMG Sarwar Jahangir, Ph.D. and Jonathan Pinkhasov, BA/BS
Kingsborough Community College and Baruch College of The City University of New York

(U4) Evaluating the effects of temperature on bacterial extracellular vesicle storage
Medlin, Bolinger, Kirian, Zierden
University of Maryland, College Park

(U5) Simulating Multifunctional Nano-Optic Surfaces for Higher Efficiency Solar Energy Conversion
Rolon-Gomez, N.M., and Cakmak A.O.
Pasadena City College

(U6) Synthesis of Linear Carbon Chains Using Catalytic Methods
Rosales, D.M., Yacaman, M.J, Velazquez, J.J.
Mesa Community College

(U7) Laser-Driven Microrobots for Microscale Manipulation
Rutherford, J.E., Sherehiy, A., Popa, D.O.
Saint Louis University

(U8) Ball Milling Synthesis of 𝛼-MgAgSb to Enhance Thermoelectric Properties & Reproducibility
Steph Meikle, Songyi Back, Takao Mori
University of Florida

(U9) Finding Organic Compounds Is Vital to Life in a Martian Cave System
V. Robles Jr, V. Patel, B. Wilk, M Swingler, A. Saha, L. Lademora, M. Albariqui, C. Geng, J. Benbame, S. Whitlock, J. Aleksic.
Northwest Vista College

(U10) Exploring the Performance of Convolutional Neural Networks for mRNA cancer vaccine 5’ UTR Design
Yan, A.
Mercer County Community College

(U11) Nano-sized, bacteria-derived particles impact biofilm formation
Yip, K., Zierden, H.C.
University of Maryland, College Park

Graduate Students

(G12) Copper-bearing hydrotalcite minerals as precursors for photocatalytic supported plasmonic nanoparticles
Cabezas Parra, J., Newmeyer, E.R., North, J.D., Hershey, M., Swearer, D.F.
Northwestern University

(G13) Investigating the Influence of Multivalent Transition Metal Dopants and Capping Ligands on the Lateral Growth of Photo-optical Cu2MoS4 2D Nanostructures
Chandoo, S., Taylor, R.A.
The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine

(G14) Tattooing gold nanopatterns on soft, dynamic living matter at single-cell resolution
Choi, S. J., Kwok, K. S., Zuo, Y., Gu, L., Gracias, D. H.
Johns Hopkins University

(G15) Fabrication of Multifunctional Nanocomposite Polysulfone Membranes using Phosphorene or Hexagonal Boron Nitride for High Performance Water Separation
Fionah A., Muhammad U., Kiprotich N., Tsyusko O., Aich N., Cortarelli L., Azme A, Escobar I.
University of Kentucky

(G16) Optimising Spectral Quality of Ternary Copper Dichalcogenide Core Nanoparticles for Luminescent Downshifting Films in Controlled Environments
Ghany, S.C., and Taylor, R.A.
The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine

(G17) Pragmatic Design of Copper Selenide Based Nano-Heterostructures
Gordon, T.M., Millhiem, S.L., Smith, J.H., Gan, X.Y., Millstone, J.E.*
University of Pittsburgh

(G18) The fabrication of microsensors with nanostructured surfaces through 3D lithography techniques
Haile, B.H., Roeske, N.R., Beardslee, L.B., and Brand, O.B.
Georgia Institute of Technology

(G19) Extreme self-healing materials and their unusual applications
Iliff, G.J., Boschitsch, B.S., Wang, L., Myers, A.J., Gockowski L., Feldstein, H., Claure, H., Wang, J., and Wong, T.S.
Penn State University

(G20) Molybdenum Nitride Nanoparticle Mediated Synthesis of Ammonia via Plasma Catalysis
Juneja, R., Brown, S.W., and Swearer, D.F.
Northwestern University

(G21) Biomanufacturing bacterial extracellular vesicles as a novel drug delivery platform
Kirian, R.D., Bolinger, E., Medlin, H., Zierden, H.C.
University of Maryland

(G22) Nature-Derived Nanophotonic Materials for Diagnostic Imaging
Kirya, P., Maestre, A., Aisagbonhi, O., Yang, J., Poulikakos, L. V.
University of California San Diego

(G23) Morphology Controlled Synthesis of Platinum Nanocrystals within 2D Material Confinements
Little, J.M., Chen, A., Akash, T.S., Kamali, A., Park, C.S., Liu, D., Das, S., Woehl, T.J., Chen, P.Y.
University of Maryland-College Park

(G24) Understanding Nanoscale Reaction Mechanisms for Developing Nonflammable Li-ion Batteries
Nagarajan, S., Weiland, C., Jaye, C., Hwang, S., Balasubramanian, M., and Arava, L. M. R.
Wayne State University

(G25) Leveraging light as a reagent in nanoparticle synthesis
Paterno, A. N., Simon, Z. C., McHugh, K. M., Moncure, P. J., Sen, R., Patton, S. T., Lopato, E. M., Talledo, S., Bernhard, S., Millstone, J. E.
University of Pittsburgh

(G26) Synthesis of a novel hydrazone-based compound applied as a fluorescence turn-on chemosensor for iron (III) and a colorimetric sensor for copper (II) with antimicrobial, DFT and molecular docking studies
Adams, A., Sharmin, A.R., Patwary, A.M., William E.G., Royhana, K.M., Mahmud, M.M., Haque, M.A, Uddin, J., and Morshin, K.
Coppin State University

(G27) Strain-level differences in vaginal bacteria are reflected in extracellular vesicles
Steinman, D., and Zierden, H.C.
University of Maryland, College Park

(G28) Scalable Fabrication of Truly 1D Titanium Oxide Nanofilaments
Walter, A.D., Schwenk, G.R., Barsoum, M.W.
Drexel University

(G29) Investigating the Influence of Multivalent Transition Metal Dopants on Copper Antimony Sulphide Thin Films for Enhanced Photovoltaic and Electrochemical Properties
Weston, K. and Taylor, R.A.
The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine

(G30) Enabling 3D Photonic Nanodevices Manufactured by DNA-Programmable Self-Assembly
Yun, A., Wu, J., Minevich, B., Redeker., Ji, H., Yu, N., and Gang, O.
Columbia University


(P31) Global Concepts in Policy for Nanotechnology in the United States: the case of ‘Diversity’ and the ‘Valley of Death’
Alemán-Díaz, A.Y.
EM Lyon Business School

(P32) CuO Nanoparticle Coating Controls Foliar Uptake and Plant Health
Deng, C., Mason, S.E., Wang, Y., Dimkpa, C.O., White, J.C.
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

(P33) Hydrogen Peroxide Assisted Synthesis of Fluorescent Carbon Nanoparticles from Teak Leaves for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Ghann, W., Holmes, T., Kumer A. R., Uddin, J.
Coppin State University

(P34) For Nano-catalyst: the small the better? A case study in the Mitigation of Chemical Warfare Agents Threat by Metal Organic Framework
Huang, Z., Tyler, J., Ghosh, S., Chan E., Corie, R., Connolly, M., Liu, Y.
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

(P35) Uncovering RNA Payload, Empty Particles, and Physicochemical Heterogeneity of Lipid Nanoparticles via A Single Nanoparticle Analyzer
Li, S., Hu, Y.Z., Lin, J.H., Shao, F.C., Wei, L., Hsieh, K.W., Mao, H.Q., Wang, T.Z.
Johns Hopkins University

(P36) Bridging the gender gap in autoimmune diseases using nanotechnology
Lopez Ruiz, A., Fromen, C., Kloxin, A., McEnnis, K.
University of Delaware

(P37) Block-copolymer stabilized lipid nanoparticles: A novel platform for targeted gene delivery
Nikhil Subraveti, Bumjun Kim, Jason Liu, Nick Caggiano, Robert Prud'homme
Princeton University

(P38) CoffeeBots: Innovative Magnetic Microrobots for Eco-Friendly Water Purification
Singh, A.K., Basireddy, T., and Moran, J.L.
George Mason University