Teaching Nano & Emerging Technologies Network

Are you using nano and emerging technologies to excite your students about STEM? Would you like to?

By teaching nanotechnology now, teachers are preparing students for the future. These technologies provide cool examples like invisibility cloaks and gecko-inspired climbing gloves to excite students, and are already impacting broad industry sectors such as electronics, textiles, aerospace, biotechnology, medicine, and clean energy. 

If you are interested in joining a network of teachers (K-12) who are using or want to use nano and other emerging technologies to inspire their students, email nanoed@nnco.nano.gov.

The network connects teachers so they can:

  • Facilitate access to classroom-ready resources,
  • Share best practices,
  • Exchange ideas for activities and examples,
  • Promote local area events, and
  • Connect with like-minded teachers from across the country.

NanoEducators Quarterly Forum

More information is coming soon. Check back for updates.


Nano Education Resources: This portal features many of the resources that have been developed to help teach nanotechnology. Teachers can filter responses by resource source, core discipline, grade, resource type, if it addresses a Big Idea in Nanoscience, and if it is inquiry learning based. 

SENIC Education Resources: The Southeastern Nanotechnology Infrastructure Corridor has created a list of nanotechnology outreach demonstrations and a resource guide for educators.

You can find additional, useful resources for teachers on the For K-12 Teachers and the For K-12 Students pages.

Opportunities for Educators

These professional development opportunities are offered to K-12 teachers and community college educators. They are prepared by staff from nanotechnology facilities that are part of the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI).

The Teaching Nano & Emerging Technologies Webinar Series

The Network has launched a series of webinars for K-12 teachers in order for the community to share approaches and best practices.

Webinars are archived on NanoTube, the National Nanotechnology Initiative’s YouTube channel.