Federal Funding and Infrastructure

The United States is committed to the long-term, sustainable growth of this burgeoning field through Federal funding programs and an extensive infrastructure of research and development centers, networks, and user facilities.

NNI R&D Centers and Networks

A significant impact of the NNI has been the focused investment in establishment and development of multidisciplinary research and education centers devoted to nanoscience and nanotechnology.

NNI R&D User Facilities

The NNI supports a network of user facilities that are open to researchers and provide the high-tech tools and equipment needed to study and develop nanotechnologies.

Funding Opportunities

There are a variety of funding opportunities through funding programs like SBIR/STTR, industry partnerships, regional and state government programs and initiatives, as well, as a variety of fellowships, scholarships, and postdoctoral positions.

Current Solicitations & Grants

See a list of Federal grant solicitations from various agencies in the area of nanoscience and nanotechnology.