• Nano and Emerging Tech Student Network

    The National Nanotechnology Coordination Office is hosting a teleconference on August 10th for undergraduate students interested in participating in a network of student groups focused on emerging technology, research, and entrepreneurship! Read more

  • Atomic Origami Turns Graphene Sheets Into Nanomachines

    With carefully-planned folds and snips, researchers led by Cornell University's Melina Blees have created microscopic simple machines and structures: springs, pyramids, hinges and more. Read more

  • Gene Therapy Advance Thwarts Brain Cancer

    Biodegradable nanoparticles have recently shown promise as a method to deliver genes into cells.The HSVtk gene produces an enzyme that turns the compound ganciclovir into a compound that is toxic to actively dividing brain cancer cells. Read more

  • IBM Announces Breakthrough with 7 Nanometer Chip

    The company last year announced a $3 billion investment over five years to advance chip technology to meet the growing demand that cloud computing, big data, mobile products and other new technologies are placing on semiconductors. Read more

  • Flexible, Ultra-Thin Display Changes Color Like a Chameleon

    The plasmonic nanostructure is covered in tiny wells that reflect some wavelengths of light but absorb others. Sandwiched on top of these are microscopic layers of liquid crystal, which can also select for different wavelengths. Read more

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Grand Challenge Inputs are Currently Under Review

This Request for Information (RFI), which closed July 16, called for ambitious but achievable goals that harness nanoscience, nanotechnology, and innovation to solve important national or global problems and have the potential to capture the public’s imagination. Responses from the RFI are currently under review; details to follow.


books and appleCreating the Next Generation of Nanoscientists and Engineers

A White House forum unveils announcements regarding nanoeducation resources and opportunities to collaborate.


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Nanotechnology: Big Things from a Tiny World brochure coverNano and Energy brochure cover

These NNI brochures introduce basic concepts in nanotechnolgy.  Big Things from a Tiny World (left) is a general overview; Powerful Things from a Tiny World (right) looks at nanotechnology and energy. These brochures are also available in Spanish.


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