• Everything You Know Is Wrong: Lasers Are Cooling Things Now

    A group of scientists at the University of Washington were able to successfully refrigerate water using an infrared laser and a nanocrystal. Read more

  • NNCO Director Gives Nanotechnology Lecture at Royal Institution of Great Britain

    NNCO Director Dr. Michael Meador gave a lecture entitled "Nanotechnology 101: The Biggest Thing You've Never Seen" at the Royal Institution to a sold out crowd on October 20, 2015. Read more

  • Engineers Make Material Gains to Improve Desalination Process

    In a study published in Nature Communications, the Illinois team modelled various thin-film membranes and found that MoS2 showed the greatest efficiency, filtering through up to 70 per cent more water than graphene membranes. Read more

  • Simple Nano Trick Purifies Silicon for Energy Applications

    A recent study of capital costs for building new solar factories suggests that bringing down the cost of purifying silicon could make a difference in the solar market. Read more

  • New “Design Rule” Brings Nature-Inspired Nanostructures One Step Closer

    Scientists may be closer to building nanostructures that mimic the complexity and function of nature’s proteins, but are made of durable and synthetic materials. Read more

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Generation Nano comic logoGeneration Nano: A Superhero Contest for Students

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Create a nanotechnology-inspired superhero and win the Generation Nano contest! Finalists to appear at the USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C. in April 2016.


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Nano-Inspired Grand Challenge Announced

The White House has announced a grand challenge to develop transformational computing capabilities by combining innovations in nanotechnology, computer science, and our understanding of the brain.


books and appleCreating the Next Generation of Nanoscientists and Engineers

A White House forum unveils announcements regarding nanoeducation resources and opportunities to collaborate.


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Nanotechnology: Big Things from a Tiny World brochure coverNano and Energy brochure cover

These NNI brochures introduce basic concepts in nanotechnolgy.  Big Things from a Tiny World (left) is a general overview; Powerful Things from a Tiny World (right) looks at nanotechnology and energy. These brochures are also available in Spanish.

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