U.S. Nano and Emerging Technologies Student Network

Do you have a student group focused on nano or other emerging technologies? If not, are you interested in starting one at your school?  To join the conversation, email nanoed@nnco.nano.gov.

Even students enrolled in engineering and science programs are often unaware of the current and potential impact of emerging technologies, especially areas such as nanotechnology that cross traditional disciplines.  Cutting-edge examples of applications that use advanced technologies can provide the spark to excite, attract, and retain science and engineering students of any age.

A student network can:Student group with bicycle

  • raise awareness of current research and potential applications of nano and other emerging technologies;
  • build an interdisciplinary community of students with a focus on future technologies;
  • facilitate interactions and connections between faculty, industry and government professionals, and students; and
  • promote opportunities for students interested in research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The foundation of the network is student-run clubs at universities and colleges across the country, such as the Nano and Emerging Technologies Club (NExT) at the University of Virginia, the Nanoengineering and Technology Society (NETS) at the University of California, San Diego, and the newly formed Society for Emerging and Nanotechnologies (SENT) at the University of Central Florida.