Past Meetings and Events

Third Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization Conference

The objective of this conference is to bring together scientific experts from academia, industry, and government agencies from around the world to present and discuss current research findings on the subject of nanotechnology and sustainability. The SNO Conference emphasizes not only the environmental aspects of sustainability but also the societal and economic sustainability issues.

Nano Manufacturing 2014 - A Conference To Move From Innovation To Commercialization

Our primary goal is to bring together Founders, CEOs, Senior Executives, Business Leaders, Economic Development, Education, Government and Nonprofit Organizations to share their vision for the future and the opportunities that Nano Manufacturing enables.

MNE 2014 - The 40th International Conference on Micro and Nano Engineering

MNE is a major annual international conference, devoted to micro and nano engineering, held in a European country every September. The conference brings together engineers and scientists from across the world to discuss recent progress and future trends in the fabrication, manufacturing, operation and application of micro and nano-structures and devices.

Realizing the Promise of Carbon Nanotubes: Challenges, Opportunities, and the Pathway to Commercialization

The objectives of this meeting are to identify, discuss, and report the technical barriers preventing the production of carbon nanotube-based materials with optimal electrical and mechanical properties, and to explore ways to overcome these barriers.


A Workshop to Explore How a Multiple Models Approach can Advance Risk Analysis of Nanoscale Materials

Sensor Fabrication, Integration, and Commercialization Workshop

The workshop will focus on identifying challenges faced by the sensor development community during the fabrication, integration, and commercialization of sensors.

14th International Conference on Nanotechnology

IEEE Nano is one of the largest Nanotechnology conferences in the world, bringing together the brightest engineers and scientists through collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

SPIE NanoScience + Engineering

SPIE NanoScience + Engineering 2014 is the largest nanotechnology conferences of its kind.

Advanced Design and Manufacturing Impact Forum 2014

Explore the transition from nanotechnology research to tangible products through practical examples of the challenges and roadmaps to overcome, success stories, standards needed, and performance metrics that quantify scalability and sustainability.