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General inquiries:


Main line:703-292-8626


Mailing address:
4201 Wilson Blvd.
Stafford II Rm 405
Arlington, VA


Name Title Email Phone
Dr. Lisa Friedersdorf NNCO Director

x 4533
  NNCO Deputy Director    



Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Mr. Geoff Holdridge Contract Staff Director/Senior Policy Analyst x 4532
Ms. Marlowe Newman Communications Director/Project Manager x 7128
Dr. Michael Kiley Industry and State Liaison/Policy Analyst x 4399
Dr. Stacey Standridge NSET Executive Secretary/Staff Scientist x 8103
Ms. Kristin Roy IT Manager x 8906
Ms. Diana Petreski Financial Manager x 7922
Ms. Jewel Beamon Office Manager x 8626 (main)
Dr. Rhema Bjorkland NEHI Executive Secretary / Policy Analyst x 4503
Dr. Quinn Spadola Education and Outreach Program Manager x 2424
Dr. Eric Breckenfeld AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow x 7926
Ms. Pat Johnson Senior Editor N/A