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Revolutionary Imaging Technique Uses CRISPR to Map DNA Mutations

A team of scientists led by Virginia Commonwealth University physicist Jason Reed, Ph.D., have developed new nanomapping technology that could transform the way disease-causing genetic mutations are diagnosed and discovered. (Learn More >>)

'Smart' Paper Can Conduct Electricity, Detect Water

The American Water Works Association indicates that nearly a quarter-million water line breaks occur each year in the U.S., costing public water utilities about $2.8 billion annually. (Learn More >>)

New Architecture for High-Performance Quantum Photonic Circuits

Scientists at NIST and their collaborators have taken a new step forward in the quest to build quantum photonic circuits—chip-based devices that rely on the quantum properties of light to process and communicate information rapidly and securely. (Learn More >>)

How Flint’s Fight for Clean Water Inspired ‘America’s Top Young Scientist’

Eleven-year-old Gitanjali Rao won the 2017 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge with a device designed to test whether water contains lead. (Learn More >>)

3D-Printed Device Builds Better Nanofibers

Meshes made from fibers with nanometer-scale diameters have a wide range of potential applications, including tissue engineering, water filtration, solar cells, and even body armor. (Learn More >>)

Imaging Probe Printed onto Tip of Optical Fiber

Combining speed with incredible precision, a team of Molecular Foundry scientists and industry users developed a way to print extremely small devices on the tip of a glass fiber as thin as a human hair. (Learn More >>)

Carbon Nanotube-Based Fibers Could Rival Copper in Antennas

Carbon nanotube-based fibres that are configured as wireless antennas can be as good as copper antennas but 20 times lighter, according to researchers at Rice University. (Learn More >>)

Forget About It: A Material that Mimics the Brain

DOE scientists conducted a recent study that combined supercomputer simulation and X-ray characterization of a material that gradually "forgets." This could one day be used for advanced bio-inspired computing. (Learn More >>)

#NationalNanoDay: Celebrating Online and Around the Country

Learn about the great events happening around the country. (Learn More >>)

National Nanotechnology Day is October 9th

Events and activities are happening across the country throughout the month of October. (Learn More >>)