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Wood-based Nanomaterial May Be as Strong as Bulletproof Vest

At it's new pilot plant in Wisconsin, the U.S. Forest Service has created a nanocrystalline cellulose fiber that is super strong, light weight, and renewable. (Learn More >>)

Now Accepting Questions for NNI Webinar

Tweet or email your suggestions and comments for improving! Questions will be answered and submission read live online today, Sept. 20 at 12:15pm. (Learn More >>)

NNI Center to Develop Self-Powered Health-Monitoring Sensors

Depending on the biological system being monitored, sensors could be worn as a patch on the chest, on the wrist like a watch, or even as a cap that fits over a tooth. (Learn More >>)

'Nanoresonators' might improve cell phone performance

Researchers have learned how to mass produce tiny mechanical devices that could help cell phone users avoid the nuisance of dropped calls and slow downloads. (Learn More >>)

Nanoparticles reboot blood flow in brain

In a traumatic brain injury, cells release an overwhelming number of toxic free radicals, which affect blood flow. Researchers found that a combination nanoparticle quickly restores normal blood flow to the brain, preventing additional damage. (Learn More >>)

Researchers Build Circuit on Novel 2-Dimensional Material

The one-molecule-thick material is made of molybdenum disulfide and has a natural bandgap, which does not exist in graphene. (Learn More >>)

DNA Encoding Breaks Data Density Record

Researchers have used DNA to encode a genetics textbook with over 50,000 words and 11 images. Theoretically, this high-density storage medium could enable scientists to store the entire Library of Congress in the volume of a sugar cube. (Learn More >>)

What is it?

The cliffs of Dover? The caldera of Santorini? A terraced mountainside in Central Asia? Actually, it's the chipping at the edge of a silicon wafer when seen through a scanning electron microcope! (Learn More >>)

Zoom into Nano in Your State

The NNI Interactive Web Map allows you to zoom into the regional, state, and even city levels to see the facilities and programs in you area. Zoom into your neighborhood today! (Learn More >>)

NNI Launches Interactive Web Map

This map features all the facilities in the U.S., including higher education programs, NNI centers and user facilities (labs), and regional, state, & local initiatives. Find out what's in you area! (Learn More >>)