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Nanotextured butterfly wings inspire self-cleaning surfaces

These nanotextured surfaces prevent dirt build up and reduce drag, and could enable applications ranging from more efficient airplanes to self-cleaning medical equipment. (Learn More >>)

Airless bike tires use carbon nanotubes to keep their shape

A U.S. designer has built a prototype of bike tires that use adjustable carbon nanotube composites, rather than air-filled innertubes. (Learn More >>)

One step closer to a roll-up e-tablet, smartphone

The "E-sheet" will be ultra-thin and virtually indestructible; it would be as rollable as a rubber mat and able to withstand rolling or folding 10's of thousands of times. (Learn More >>)

Manufacturing complex 3D metallic structures at nanoscale made possible

Scientists made the discovery while studying the irregular folding of metallic thin films. (Learn More >>)

Nanotechnology Solar Cell Achieves 18.2% Efficiency

NREL researchers made 'black silicon'-- nano-islands of silver on a silicon wafer with billions of holes-- that reduces light reflection allowing for greater energy capture. (Learn More >>)

CNT Sensors can be Drawn with Mechanical Pencils

MIT chemists designed a type of pencil lead made of a compressed powder of CNTs, which can be used like a normal pencil to draw sensors onto paper. (Learn More >>)

NIST Physicist David Wineland Wins 2012 Nobel Prize

An American scientist discovered a way to manage, measure and control fragile quantum states. Wineland shares the prize with France's Serge Haroche. (Learn More >>)

Join the US Pavilion at nano tech 2013 in Tokyo!

Japan's annual "nano tech" is the world's largest nanotechnology exhibition, hosting more than 50,000 attendees last year. (Learn More >>)

Graphene Films Could Protect Metals in Harsh Environments

The thin coating is invisible to the human eye and has been shown to make copper nearly 100 times more corrosion resistant. (Learn More >>)

IEEE Nano Calls for 2013 Award Nominations

This year's categories are the Pioneer Award in Nanotechnology; the Early Career Award; and the Distinguished Service Award. (Learn More >>)