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Publication Date: Aug. 18 2015


Speaker presentations from day two of the CPSC workshop “Quantifying Exposure to Engineered Nanomaterials from Manufactured Products – Addressing Environmental, Health, and Safety Implications.” 

Please see the full QEEN workshop agenda for talk abstracts.

Please see the Workshop Report for a summary of the proceedings.

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Day Two: Quantifying Exposure in Various Media and Pathways

Morning Plenary Moderator: Debbie Kaiser (NIST)

QEEN New Investigator Award Announcement Treye Thomas (CPSC); Mike Meador (NNCO)
Introduction: Measuring and modeling exposures to nanomaterials in complex systems Greg Lowry Carnegie Mellon University
Airborne Exposure: Linking life cycle specific exposures to biological impact of nanomaterials Phil Demokritou Harvard School of Public Health
Waterborne Exposure: Environmental multimedia distribution of nanomaterials Yoram Cohen UCLA CEIN
Exposure in Biological Systems:  Review of the state of the science Christie Sayes Baylor University


Concurrent Sessions

Exposure Studies in Gaseous Media

Co-Chairs: Vincent Castranova (West Virginia Univeristy) and Gedi Mainelis (Rutgers)

Strategies for Measuring Airborne Nanomaterials J. Thornburg—RTI International
Physico-chemical and toxicological characterization of engineered nanoparticles emitted from laser printers: A case study of consumer exposures across life cycle of nano-enabled products P. Demokritou—Harvard University School of Public Health
Microvascular outcomes of engineered nanomaterial inhalation P. Stapleton—West Virginia University
Characterization of an aerosol generated during application of a nano-TiO2 enabled antimicrobial spray product to a surface: Pulmonary and cardiovascular response to inhalation exposure in rats V. Castranova1*, W. McKinney2, B. Chen2, D. Frazer2, D. Schwegler-Berry2, T. Sager2, J. Reynolds2, K. Krajnak2, R. Mercer2, and T. Thomas31West Virginia University, 2NIOSH, 3CPSC


Exposure Studies in Aqueous Media


Co-Chairs: Jeff Steevens (USACE) and Richard Zepp (EPA)

Simulating the fate and transport of nanomaterials in surface waters C. Knightes—EPA
Understanding and quantifying nanomaterial exposure and dosimetry in aquatic hazard testing - The link between hazard, exposure, and risk assessment S. Diamond1*, A. Kennedy21NanoSafe, 2USACE
Assessing nanoparticle migration from commercial food contact materials into aqueous food simulants G. Noonan1*, S. Addo Ntim1, T. Thomas21FDA, 2CPSC
Detection and release of carbon nanotubes from polymer nanocomposites D. H. Fairbrother1*, R. Lakone1, D. Goodwin1, R. Reed2, J. Wang2, A. Barber2, J. Ranville21Johns Hopkins, 2Colorado School of Mines


Exposure Studies in Biological/Tissue/Serum


Co-Chairs: Will Boyes (EPA) and Elijah Petersen (NIST)

Assessment of the bioaccessibility of micronized copper wood in synthetic stomach fluid K. Rogers1*, L. Santiago-Rodríguez2, J. Griggs1, K. Bradham1, C. Nelson1, T. Luxton11EPA, 2Formerly EPA
Using single particle ICP-MS as a tool for understanding metallonanoparticles transformation during nanotoxicity assays M. Johnson*, S. Hanna, E. Petersen, J. Elliott, B. Nelson, and L. Yu—NIST
Measuring exposure levels of drug products containing nanomaterials K. Tyner—FDA
Determination of the fate of inhaled nanoparticles R. Mercer—NIOSH


Epidemiology: The Exposure-Health Interface


Co-Chairs: Mary Schubauer-Berigan (NIOSH) and Sara Brenner (SUNY Albany CNSE)

Epidemiologic studies of U.S. workers handling carbon nanotubes: The interface between exposure and health M. Schubauer-Berigan—NIOSH
Field-based exposure assessment: Tailoring your approach to maximize and obtain key data for each worker S. Brenner—SUNY Albany CNSE
Nanodermatology: Identifying promise and assessing risk A. Friedman—Einstein College of Medicine, GWU


New Investigator Interviews:

Featuring the QEEN New Investigator Award winner


Moderator: Chuck Geraci  (NIOSH)


Afternoon Plenary Moderator: Cathy Fehrenbacher (EPA)

Concurrent Sessions Roundtable: Comparison of exposure assessment in various media and bridging exposure science with toxicology Moderator: Cathy Fehrenbacher (EPA)
Concluding Remarks Lloyd Whitman (OSTP) & Treye Thomas (CPSC)


Nanotechnology Fact

Yes, nanotechnology is enabling more and more products every day, from engine catalysts to cancer medicines to stain-proof pants, and everything in between. Revenue from the sale of nanotechnology-enabled products in the United States has grown more than six-fold from 2009 through 2016.

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