Sensors NSI: Sensor Development



Current Solicitations


2014 S&T Long-Range BAA, Solicitation Number: DHSST-LRBAA14-02 – DHS, Expires 12/31/2018


Fundamental Research to Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction (C-WMD) Broad Agency Announcement (BAA): HDTRA1-14-24-FRCWMD-BAA – DTRA, Closing Date 09/30/2019


Clinical Development of Minimally-Invasive Bioassays to Support Outpatient Clinical Trials of Therapeutics for Substance Use Disorders – NIDA, R21, Expires 09/08/2018

Novel Approaches for Characterizing Exposure and Response to Engineered Nanomaterials (R43 Clinical Trials Not Allowed) – NIEHS, R43, Expires 09/12/2018

Revision Applications for Validation of Mobile/Wireless Health Tools for Measurement and Intervention – NIH, R01, Expires 01/08/2019

Tools for Cell Line Identification – NIH, R43/44, Expires 04/06/2019

Innovative Research in Cancer Nanotechnology – NCI, R01, Expires 05/22/2020

Zika Virus (ZIKV) Complications – NIH, R21, Expires 01/08/2020

Synthetic Biology for Engineering Applications – NIH, R01, Expires 09/08/2020

BRAIN Initiative: Clinical Studies to Advance Next-Generation Invasive Devices for Recording and Modulation in the Human Central Nervous System – NIH, UH3, Expires 10/22/2020


Information about funding opportunities provided by the NIOSH Grants Program can be found at  Current extramural research grants in the area of sensors include biosensors for different chemical exposures, wearable monitors for a variety of work sites, monitors that can be used in exposure characterization studies for ultrafine and nanoparticles, and noise dosimeters.





Biological and Environmental Interactions of Nanoscale Materials