Nanotechnology 101

Think small. Think really, really small—smaller than anything you ever saw through a microscope at school.

Think atoms and molecules, and now you’re there. You’re down at the nanoscale, where scientists are learning about these fundamental components of matter and are putting them to use in beneficial ways.


What It Is and How It Works

Learn what nanotechnology is, explore the size of “nano,” and find out how scientists see and manipulate nanomaterials.

What's So Special about the Nanoscale?

Simply put, materials can have different properties and can function in unique ways when structured at the nanoscale.

Benefits and Applications

Nanotechnology research will have a significant, positive impact on our world.

Nanotechnology Timeline

This page traces the development of nanotechnology from first concepts to the latest developments.

Standards for Nanotechnology

Globally accepted nanotechnology standards are vital to continuing progress in research and development and eventual commercialization.


This glossary has definitions for a variety of terms related to nanotechnology.

Multimedia Resources

Cool images, animations, and videos to learn more about nanotechnology. Also includes links to NNI multimedia contests to give you the opportunity to tell your nanotechnology story!

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