Nano Nuggets, Podcasts, and More

These videos focus on interesting developments and events in the field of nanotechnology. You can also visit NanoTube, the NNI's YouTube channel.

In honor of National Nanotechnology Day, Stories from the NNI podcast episodes will be regularly posted. Continue to check back to see more!

Cloaking Using Nanotechnology

Metamaterials can theoretically make objects disappear from plain sight.

Moving Nanotechnology Beyond the Laboratory

Researchers traveled to Mexico to conduct field tests on a new nanotechnology for removing arsenic from drinking water.

The Nano Song

Everything you need to know about the wonders of nanotechnology...


NSF's Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing proves good test bed for large-scale nanomanufacturing designs.

Single Breath Disease Diagnostics Breathalyzer

This invention could give new meaning to the term “bad breath!”

Moth Inspired Solar Materials

Researchers from the Brookhaven National Laboratory Center for Functional Nanomaterials look to moth eyes to improve solar materials.

High density energy storage using self assembled materials

This video shows how self-assembled porous materials can lead to fuel tanks that are able to highly concentrate gaseous fuels and thus hold a lot of energy in a small space.

President Obama on the International Institute for Nanotechnology at Northwestern University

President Barack Obama visited Northwestern University on Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014 to deliver a message on the economy.

New 3-D Nanostructures Assemble with Remarkable Precision

A team of scientists are developing self-assembling, three-dimensional nanostructures that can be used for targeted drug delivery.

Nanotube Sponge Soaks Up Oil Again and Again

Researchers at Rice University and Penn State University have discovered that adding a dash of boron to carbon while creating nanotubes turns them into solid, spongy, reusable blocks that have an astounding ability to absorb oil spilled in water.