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UVa NExT club teams up with NNI for Engineers Week

Students from University of Virginia's Nano and Emerging Technologies Club (NExT) assisted the NNI nanotechnology demonstrations at Family Day at the National Building Museum. (Learn More >>)

NNI Hosts a Nanotechnology Booth at Engineers Week

An NNI volunteer from demonstrates nanoscale structure by shining a light through a butterfly's wing. (Learn More >>)

Discover Engineering Family Day

The NNI is sponsoring a nanotechnology booth at Family Day at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC on Feb. 18, 2012, part of Engineers' Week. (Learn More >>)

Nanoshell 'Whispering Galleries' Improve Solar Films

These thin hollow spheres trap light, which improves efficiency and paves the way for much cheaper solar panels. (Learn More >>)

Carbon Nanotube 'Forest' Hides 3D Object

By absorbing light instead of scattering it, the CNT coating shown here is able to hide a 3D structure and may be able to cloak an object against a black background. (Learn More >>)

9nm Carbon Nanotube Switch Outdoes Silicon

By creating the smallest CNT ever, IBM made a CNT transistor that's smaller than physically possible for silicon, while using less energy and carrying 4 times the current of its silicon counterpart. (Learn More >>)

Metrics Workshop Slides and Videos Now Online

See video of the plenary talks and all of the presentation slides from the hugely successful NNI & OECD joint workshop, Assessing the Economic Impact of Nanotechnology. (Learn More >>)

World's Smallest 3D World Map

Consisting of 500,000 pixels-- each pixel measuring only 20 nanometers²-- IBM scientists created the world's smallest perfectly formed, three-dimensional world map. (Learn More >>)

New Storage Device Gets Data from Only 12 Atoms

IBM researchers stored and retrieved the digital 1s and 0s in a 12 atom array, pushing the limits of magnetic storage to enable greater capacity while using less energy. (Learn More >>)

Nano-Coated Sponge Can Instantly Stop Bleeding

By coating a sponge with a nanoscale thin film containing thrombin, a blood clotting agent, and tannic acid, a molecule found in tea, the sponge can prevent hemorrhage, the leading cause of death in the battlefield. (Learn More >>)