NSF: Biosensing [PD-15-7909 ]

The Nano-Biosensing program supports fundamental engineering research on devices and methods for measurement and quantification of biological analytes. Proposals that incorporate emerging nanotechnology methods are especially encouraged. Areas of interest include:

  • Proposals on multi-purpose sensor platforms that exceed the performance of current state-of-the-art measurement methods.  
  • Projects on novel transduction mechanisms and sensor designs suitable for measurement in practical matrix and sample-preparation free approaches. These include error-free detection of pathogens and toxins in food matrices, waterborne pathogens, parasites, toxins, biomarkers in body fluids, and others.
  • Proposals that address highly selective bio-recognition elements which exhibit zero false negative responses.
  • Nano-biosensors that enable measurement of kinetics and thermodynamics of biomolecular interactions in their native states, transmembrane transport, intracellular transport, and other biological phenomena.
  • Fundamental studies on surface functionalization and immobilization of bio-recognition molecules, orientation, activity, stability and effectiveness at biosensor interfaces.


Full Proposal Window:  October 1, 2016 - October 20, 2016

October 1 - October 20, Annually Thereafter


For further information and to apply, go to http://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=503353