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Welcome to the Nano.gov newsroom. The National Nanotechnology Initiative –the NNI –envisions a future in which applications of nanotechnology will lead to a revolution in technology and industry that benefits society. At its heart the NNI stimulates collaboration and coordination of nanotechnology R&D among the 20 Federal agencies and departments that are involved.

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NNI Announces Multimedia Contests for Students

NNI launches video and image contests for students in honor of President Clinton's landmark speech 15 years ago announcing the creation of the initiative.

NNCO Announces New Deputy Director

The National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Lisa Friedersdorf as the Deputy Director.

Federal Government Releases 2014 National Nanotechnology Initiative Strategic Plan

The National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO) is pleased to announce the release of the new 2014 National Nanotechnology Initiative Strategic Plan.

Interim Director Named for National Nanotechnology Coordination Office

The National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Lloyd Whitman as the Interim Director of the NNCO. Dr. Whitman, who has been serving as the Deputy Director of the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, will lead the NNCO until a new Director is in place.

US Agriculture Secretary Announces Partnership to Advance Commercial Potential of Cellulosic Nanomaterial from Wood

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced a public private-partnership to rapidly advance the development of the first U.S. commercial facility producing cellulosic nanomaterial, a wood fiber broken down to the nanoscale. The partnership is between the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities (Endowment) and the U.S. Forest Service.

Now Accepting Public Comment on NNI 2014 Strategic Plan

Comments of approximately one page or less in length (4,000 characters) are requested and must be received by December 18, 2013 to be considered.

Controlling Worker Exposures to Nanomaterials: NIOSH Issues New Research-Based Recommendations

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) issued new recommendations on Nov. 8 for controlling worker exposures to engineered nanomaterials during the manufacture and industrial use of those materials.

NRC Reports Progress in NNI's EHS Research Efforts

The report highlights significant progress in the state of the science, including the ā€œdevelopment of methods for detecting, characterizing, tracking, and monitoring nanomaterials" and the creation of a new Nanotechnology Signature Initiative, the Nanotechnology Knowledge Infrastructure.

Registration Now Open: NNI Workshop on Perception, Assessment, & Management of the Potential Risks of Nanotechnology (R3)

The National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) will hold this workshop to facilitate stakeholder discussion of key elements needed to assess, manage, and communicate potential risks associated with use of nanomaterials and nanotechnology-enabled products.

Media Advisory: 2013 NNI Strategic Planning Stakeholder Workshop

2013 NNI Strategic Planning Stakeholder Workshop: Informing the 4th Triennial Strategic Plan of the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI.)

NIOSH Recommends New Level of Exposure for Nanomaterials

NIOSH Press Release: NIOSH today recommended that occupational exposures to carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and carbon nanofibers (CNFs) be controlled to reduce a potential risk of certain work-related lung effects. CNTs and CNFs are man-made elongated particles made of sheets of pure carbon that are about a thousand times smaller than a human hair.