Nano Nuggets, Podcasts, and More

These videos focus on interesting developments and events in the field of nanotechnology. You can also visit NanoTube, the NNI's YouTube channel.

In honor of National Nanotechnology Day, Stories from the NNI podcast episodes will be regularly posted. Continue to check back to see more!

A NEWT, a Nanoparticle, and an Engineer Walk into a Lab: Using Nanotech to Purify Water

For World Water Day, Dr. Paul Westerhoff discusses using nanotechnology to purify, polish, and remove pollutants from water. He also talks about bringing clean water to places that are off the water grid.

When Nanotechnology and Paper Collide: Providing the Means for People to Clean Their Own Water

Dr. Teri Dankovich discusses building her company, how useful universal threads on soda bottles can be, and using nanotechnology to provide cheap clean water globally.

How will nanotech enable cheap, portable, and highly efficient methods for providing clean water?

Nano Nugget featuring Dr. Oyanedel-Craver from the University of Rhode Island

How will nanotechnology enable safe drinking water for the world at low energy and low cost?

Nano Nugget featuring Dr. Escobar from the University of Kentucky

How will nanomaterials be used to address the need for clean water?

Nano Nugget featuring Dr. Dionysiou from the University of Cincinnati

How will nanotechnology help bring about universal access to clean water?

Nano Nugget featuring Dr. Rodrigues from the University of Houston

How will the unique properties of nanomaterials help provide clean water?

Nano Nugget featuring Reagan Turley from University of Texas at El Paso

Specificity, Sensitivity, and Speed: Nanotech in Disease Detection

Dr. Evangelyn (Vangie) Alocilja discusses saving lives, letting go of “fancy designs” to make technologies that work where they need to, and the importance of international collaborations.

Measuring the Impact of Nanotechnology Informal Ed

Liz Kunz Kollmann discusses the impact of the NSF-funded Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network, helping people to increase their understanding of nanotechnology, and finding the Goldilocks of museum exhibits.

New & Improved Computing: 3D Integrated Circuits

Dr. Philip Wong talks about electronics that are small enough to fit inside a living cell, the importance of taking coffee breaks, and the need for whole new computer architectures to realize AI.